B2 Ringer

  A great product from BROWNS BRAIN.

    Allows you to customize the sound of your telephone ring!
Have your phone speak instead of ringing. Or why not have it play a favorite line from a movie instead of ringing?
    Imagine if your phone at work sounded different from every other phone. There would be no more running to answer the phone only to find that it was the phone in the next cubical ringing and not yours!


    How about the joy of having your childrensí voices or your grandchildrensí voices announcing that the phone is ringing instead of the old bell sound?

    Thatís right, with the B2 RINGER from BROWNS BRAIN, you can use any sound to replace the old fashion ringing sound of any standard telephone. Simply press and hold the RECORD button while playing the sound you want.

    Then just plug the phone line into the connector of the B2 RINGER from BROWNS BRAIN and the phone cord from the B2 RINGER into the telephone. Now when somebody calls that phone, it will play the sound you have just stored into itsí memory. Itís that simple!

    By pressing the PLAY button at any time, you can hear the sound stored.
Also, the sound stored will not be lost if the battery is removed.

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